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Brittany & Bronson...who humbled me at every turn....

I was so honoured to be chosen by Brittany & Bronson as their Celebrant. Third time lucky....for me at least.

Brittany & Bronson had originally planned to get married in Ni Vanuatu. Unfortunatley there were complications and they had to change resorts and start planning their wedding for a second time. Once again fortune turned her face away, and also, sadly, from the folk of Ni Vanuatu, as a Cyclone Pam put paid to their plans.

Brittany & Bronson wanted to keep to their plan for a tropical wedding and approached the Sheraton Mirage in Port Douglas. Brittany told me that they were getting quite desperate as the Celebrants they were being shown really didn't fit with the ideal that they had in mind for their wedding. Brittany told them that, and that's where I came in. "Weeeelllll, there's a new Celebrant in town......." Brittany and Bronson took a chance and got in touch and we arranged a Skype chat. Well, we were talking for over an hour and it just felt right, for all of us.

Brittany was happy for me to create their ceremony, but after the talk we had, and all the information she gave me, I felt that the ceremony should be theirs. I asked her for a detailed email and then just took her words and fitted them together to create a first draft. Once Brittany got hold of that, there was no holding her back.

Look, I'm new to this and I'm sure there will be many challenges along my route, but helping Brittany & Bronson to create the perfect ceremony was not only a challenge but a pleasure; and more of a pleasure than a challenge, just for the record.

Brittany is Jewish but she had chosen to follow a Yogic path. Both she and Bronson wanted a ceremony that refelcted both and between us I think we did a pretty good job.

On the day Bronson looked very suave and dashing in his (as I was told later by Brittany's brother, very expensive, fitted suit). I had to physically stop myself from laughing when Brittany walked up the aisle. I looked down and saw that Bronson had no socks on. It must have been a really expensive suit. Brittany was a vision in a vintage dress and I even felt myself tearing up when they looked at each other before me.

After much circling, drinking of grape juice and more than a few chuckles, I was glad, and honoured, to present the new married couple to their family and friends.

I said at the beginning that Brittany & Bronson humbled me at every turn. Their love, their BELIEF in love, made me re-assess my own views. All I want is to love nad be loved but they made me look long and hard at what I think love is. For this I thank them.

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