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Before I say anything else, ‘Congratulations!’. Not for finding my site, for that I can only say 'Thank you', but congratulations on getting engaged; for deciding, for realising, that you don’t want anyone other than your partner in your life, or by your side.

A wedding is a time for celebration, you should have fun at your wedding. It shouldn't be dry and dusty, it should be filled with emotion; tears and laughter (as long as they're happy tears).


You should remember laughter, from the belly, with heads thrown back.

You should recall your complete loss of vision, unable to see your partner as your eyes swam with tears of joy.

Applause should be remembered as thunderous, with not a demure golf-clap to be heard; cheering should be remembered as rambunctious and raucous, not polite and un-intrusive.

I have four ceremony packages to choose from, any one of which will fit, or can be made to fit, what you have envisioned. From my Legals Only - quite literally the crossing of t's and dotting of i's, to my Personalised Ceremony, where I get to know you as a couple, and then create a ceremony which is nothing short of your love story.

I’m privileged to be able to say that something that started out as an enjoyable side-line nine years ago, has now become my life, my world. My weddings are my passion. Celebrancy has helped me. My couples have helped me. Their love, their commitment, has often shone like a beacon, an anchor, in times of darkness. No matter how bad things get, there will always be love in the world, and love is the material that I work with.

I'm also an empath, so all that love and positivity is a total rush for me, but it means, more importantly, that I am keyed in to how you are feeling on the day.

My ceremonies are, to quote from my reviews, 'fun; relaxed; engaging; professional; intimate.' If you want an intimate, low-key, wedding, your wish is my command. If you want a celebration of your love, a declaration to the world. I. Am. On. It.


As a rule, my wardrobe/image is Peaky Blinders/Vintage. Hats, watch-chains, cuff-links, etc, etc, and I’m happy to dress or accessorise to your colour palette. It’s not enough that your Celebrant turns up for your ceremony, they need to 'Turn Up'. Having said that though, I will wear whatever you want. Although I do draw the line at a Borat style Man-kini, I would jump at the chance to dress up in the Rhinestone Elvis suit. Just saying.

So, I am a Celebrant, heart and soul. 24/7 and 365. I will marry anyone, anywhere, anytime, just so long as it's legal.

Contact me and let's start talking.

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