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"The longest journey begins with the first step..."TAOIST PRINCIPLE

Tim is laid back, open minded, open hearted, and willing to go that major extra mile to make everything perfect. It really felt like an old friend was marrying us.....he was a breath of fresh air…..he will be remembered as someone who really made a difference

                                                    - Brittany & Bronson

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Congratulations! You're taking those first steps toward your wedding vows, and your wedding vows are the first step on a journey that will last the rest of your lives, that will lead you to the most amazing places and that will offer you experiences you could never possibly imagine.


It’s approaching seven years now since I started this site, and my journey as a Celebrant, and it will still be here seven years from now, too. I have no intention of going anywhere but forward.


What started out as a fun thing to do to make some extra cash has become my focus, my goal. When I started as a Celebrant, I really enjoyed what I was doing, but in the last seven years I have come to love it and have extended my services to become a Life Celebrant too (the industry term is ‘Funeral Celebrant’, but that doesn’t make sense to me, I’m not offering to celebrate a funeral, but a life).


And what a seven years it has been, both personally, professionally and globally.


In that seven years we have won the battle for Marriage Equality. Why we had to fight for it, I’ll never know, and it’s sad that we had to take it to a vote to win, but vote we did, and win we did, so the end justifies the means; it’s not about the journey, but about the destination.


Sadly, it would only be a year or two before that huge success was over-shadowed by the regrettable advent of Covid. And what fun that has been….not!!


But, despite the uncertainty cast by never-ending border closures and the now mythical status of international flights, there are still innumerable couples, such as yourselves, who will not let this insanity stop them from planning their wedding day. Many of my couples have downsized their guest-list to a smaller, more intimate ceremony with plans for a bigger affair once the pandemic allows (I do an Anniversary Reception, btw) or they have set a date with the understanding that things may change or they’ve set their date in the not-so-immediate future.


Couples are still getting married. Nothing will get in the way of love, and Covid has also taught us to concentrate on the essence of the marriage ceremony, love and commitment, and less on the frills and bling.


I've spent my life offering people memorable experiences filled with smiles, laughter and fond memories. As a Cairns Marriage Celebrant, I promise to provide you with a ceremony that is both thoughtful and professional, but, most of all, memorable.

As a Cairns Marriage Celebrant I don't limit myself to conducting ceremonies in beautiful locations like Port Douglas, Townsville, Mission Beach, the Tablelands, Cape Tribulation, Fitzroy Island or The Daintree Forest. Oh no, I'm available to conduct your ceremony anywhere in Australia.

As your Cairns Celebrant, I offer the following services:

  • We need to have an initial meeting, if only to see that we're a good fit for each other. You have to be sure that I'm the right Cairns Celebrant to conduct your ceremony for you.

  • Completion and lodging of the Notice of Intended Marriage, provided our initial meeting goes well, of course.

  • As many calls, emails, texts and meetings as may be required to ensure that your ceremony truly reflects your love, beliefs and commitment toward each other. I have a number of ceremony packages, so contact me and we can decide on a ceremony that is tailored to suit you, as a couple. I will help with all aspects of the ceremony until you're satisfied with the end result and we have the perfect wedding ceremony.

  • One final meeting prior to the ceremony to complete legalities and, if required, have a rehearsal or run-through to ensure that every body knows who's expected where, when and what they'll have to say.

  • I'll prepare all the legal documentation and ensure that it is submitted to the BDM after the ceremony to register your wedding.

  • After the ceremony I present you with a Ceremonial Certificate, a printed copy of your whole ceremony, your printed vows and ceremony readings and a special little keepsake which I'm not going to say anything else about.


I also provide a signing table and a wireless, Bluetooth compatible, PA system and wireless microphone. I do my ceremony from a tablet which connects to my PA via Bluetooth, allowing me to control the music so that you, and everyone else, have one less thing to worry about on the day.


Contact me today and find out how I can make your wedding ceremony, and your wedding vows, the most memorable moment of your life.



I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.


Kind Regards


… suave, dignified and professional … Tim, we are so rapt we found YOU to make the magic happen on our divine wedding day…. immaculately groomed, upstanding … wonderful intonation, and you captured the essence of our day to a tee. Marion and myself consider you a dear friend, and we wish you every success in your chosen profession ... you are the perfect celebrant for any couples that wish for a touch of class on their special day.


     - David & Marion

It was an absolute pleasure to be married by Tim. We wanted a fun, relaxed and meaningful ceremony that celebrated the decade of love we had shared and Tim delivered it perfectly. For things even we didn't know quite how to put into words, Tim knew exactly what, when and how to say it to ensure that our wedding represented us and honoured what we were, as well as what we were to become. Also, if I may say so, he is extremely eloquent and very snappily dressed. Thank you!

      - Carly & James

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